Leadership Development Workshop

Our leadership workshop is a great way to sharpen up your leadership strategies and generate some new ideas. 

Held over two days, this collaborative workshop provides you with up to date knowledge from organisational Psychology,  grounded in Paul’s real-world experience.


  • Interactive & collaborative group session, reflective worksheet provided
  • Define leadership & explore the various principles & behaviours of leadership
  • Discover the various aspects that contribute to team functionality
  • Conflict management & organisational justice
  • Emotional and cultural intelligence
  • Core aspects of team & resource management, how they contribute to leadership & team stability
  • Explore current theories relating to individual, group & organisational behaviour
  • Communication errors in teams


  • Gain a deeper understanding of yourself, where you fit and the principles that drive the world around you
  • Develop your conflict management skills
  • Structured understanding of your team and how you can influence and develop the environment around you through your own personal development
  • Explore the anticedent conditions required to cretae a stable productive environment
  • Expose development opportunities for future growth

Leadership Development Workshop

  • 2 Day workshop
  • Flexible delivery
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