Leadership Development

Adequately preparing a person to take on a leadership role through training and development is critical. Anything less can be detrimental to the business, the person and the teams they manage. 

The subject of leadership is very broad, with a vast array of research being conducted around the world every day. Business Binoculars brings the research together, translates and applies it to your world.

We explore the Psychological science behind leadership and team functionality, we combine this with real world experience to bring you a unique and refreshing look at leadership.

We invite you to come and see what makes us different from the rest.


  • Leadership workshop
  • Weekly coaching sessions conducted via Zoom or onsite
  • Weekly re-enforcment challenges
  • Leadership Pocket guide
  • 360 degree feedback
  • Performance review pre & post program
  • Integrate your company policies into the program to assist in aligning your leaders


  • Build intelligent & resilient leaders through education
  • Improve workplace wellness through effective leadership & management.
  • Gain personal insight & the ability to recognise & address behaviours.
  • Develop long term self-management strategies
  • Leadership alignment with organisational goals
  • personalised to the individual & organisation
  • Improve team & overall organisational performance

Leadership Development

  • 6 -12 month options
  • Customised to your business
  • Flexible delivery
  • face to face or Via Zoom
  • Quote provided post initial meeting