Building productive and healthy workplaces is our priority.

Business binoculars drives wellness, resilience and production in teamwork and leadership through an education and collaboration process.

Paul Dahlitz founded Business Binoculars to provide performance and culture development services to the North Queensland business community and beyond.

Paul has spent his 22 years of his career in the Military, Mining and VET sector prior to creating Business Binoculars. His time in the Military included two deployments and a variety of leadership roles across all three industries.

 Paul combines his experience in leading teams on the ground with current studies in Psychology to provide educated solutions grounded in experience.

Over the course of Pauls career, he has been awarded medals for his service, received safety innovation awards and successfully developed and delivered statewide training programs.

Business Binoculars provides management consulting, leadership programs, Leadership workshops and team development. Creating healthy productive workplaces is our priority.


Business binoculars has a range of services, including but not limited to;

  • Leadership development program
  • Range of interactice targeted workshops &
  • Management consulting

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